Hillary Clinton’s Former Campaign Manager Says He’s Not Yet Willing to Endorse Her for President

by Greg Campbell | April 13, 2015 10:17 pm

In a sure sign that she’s not ready for the big office, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager, current NYC mayor Bill de Blasio, has revealed that he is not sure whether he will endorse her recently-announced presidential run. According to the Daily Mail[1]:


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says he wants to see an outlined vision of where Hillary Clinton plans to go before giving up an endorsement for her presidential campaign.

As campaign manager for Clinton’s successful 2000 Senate run, de Blasio said on Sunday it is important for her to define her campaign message, and that he wants to see her vision for addressing income inequality.

‘Not until I see — and again, I would say this about any candidate — until I see an actual vision of where they want to go,’ de Blasio told NBC’s Meet the Press about an possible endorsement for Clinton.

‘I think she’s a tremendous public servant. I think she is one of the most qualified people to ever run for this office. And by the way, thoroughly vetted, we can say that. But we need to see the substance.’

While he said Clinton has a very progressive history, which is seen through her work with children and families, he noted that the income inequality in the U.S. is ‘out of control’ and that it has to be addressed by candidates.

‘[A plan] has to include progressive taxation. It has to include increases in wages and benefits. It has to include the willingness to tax the wealthy so we can invest infrastructure, so we can invest in education again,’ de Blasio told NBC[3].

‘That’s what I think progressives and everyday Americans will be looking for from Hillary and all other candidate.’

He said that going into this year as a candidate, Clinton has a ‘tremendous opportunity’ to present a progressive vision as a result of how different circumstances are compared to when she ran in 2008 – with the economic crisis that impacted so many Americans.

De Blasio also noted that a lot of the work that proved to be successful from her 2000 Senate bid would be repeated this year, citing her efforts to listen to what was happening to everyday people.

‘I think that’s going to be more necessary this year than ever before, because people in this country are hurting,’ said de Blasio. ‘The Great Recession set people back on their heels in a way we have not seen in decades and decades.

‘I think it’s important for Hillary to hear those stories of the American people. I think it will make her a stronger candidate.’

No, de Blasio does not seem too worried about Clinton’s continual lies regarding Benghazi and the terrorist attack that left four Americans dead; no, he doesn’t seem worried about her low regard for American exceptionalism; the problem for New York’s socialist mayor is that Hillary is not liberal enough.

How America can survive a Hillary presidency or how New York can survive de Blasio’s “leadership” is beyond me…

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