Hillary Drops the ‘Woman Card’… The Reason Why? UNBELIEVABLE

Hillary Drops the ‘Woman Card’… The Reason Why? UNBELIEVABLE

There are those among us who are so charismatic that they could sell ice to Eskimos. On the other hand, there are those among us who couldn’t sell water to a man dying of thirst in the middle of the Sahara. Hillary Clinton clearly falls into the latter category.


From Young Conservatives:

If there is one thing that Hillary does exceptionally well, it’s pander.

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Well, pander and lie.  It’s probably a tie between those two things.

For the last several months she has been talking nonstop about how she is a champion for women and how cool it would be to have a woman president.

Basically, she was trying to convince us that she was qualified to be president because she is a woman.

However, she recently found out that the woman card wasn’t helping her much and actually might be hurting her with men.

So, being the genuine woman of deep conviction that she is, she stopped talking about it.

From Hot Air:

What if you threw a gender party and no one came? A nice catch from the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross allows us to add this to the Buried Lede Department. The Associated Press reported a couple of days ago on Team Hillary’s delight over Donald Trump’s personal attacks on Hillary and Bill Clinton, but only offered this nugget at the very end of the report. It turns out that claiming her physiology as a unique qualifier turned more voters off than on:

Trump’s eagerness to make gender a major issue has complicated the delicate balancing act she already faces as the first woman to head a major party ticket.

Clinton has stopped explicitly mentioning her role in history and joking about being the “youngest woman president.” That’s by design: Those kinds of direct appeals weren’t working with voters.

“De-emphasize the ‘first’ talk,” advised a research report done by Emily’s List. “They already know she’d be the first woman president,” the report said of donors, “but we don’t get anything by reminding them.”

Ross notes that recent polling showed that the gender argument may have alienated the othergender:

But while the strategy has worked to increase Trump’s unfavorable ratings with women, it could potentially backfire if Clinton’s focus on gender ends up alienating men.

We get it, it would be “totally historical” to elect the first woman President, but that doesn’t mean that it should be you. Having female genitals does not qualify you to lead the free world. In fact, Clinton’s history in public office doesn’t even do that.

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