Hillary Loving Morgan Freeman Sends SHOCK WAVE Through Hollywood – “He Will Be A Good President”

Hillary Loving Morgan Freeman Sends SHOCK WAVE Through Hollywood – “He Will Be A Good President”

Uh…what just happened? Did you see pigs flying, or has hell actually frozen over?

Hollywood and conservatives alike are shocked beyond belief at what Morgan Freeman has just done.

This Hillary loving, anti-Trump, liberal American has just … made complete sense.

He spoke and the words coming out of his mouth sound nothing like what you would expect from a liberal celebrity, not in the least bit. Not even if hell really did freeze over.

However, they did, and his fellow Hollywood libtards…are not going to know what to do with themselves when they get word.

This is a man who was the very voice over for political ads that were pushing support for Hillary Clinton during the campaign. Not just once, but several times…

However, now that Trump has won, Freeman is using logic and his knowledge of how America is supposed to work and he is sharing with America that he is hopeful for President Trump and believes he will do a good job.

“As for politics today, I supported Hillary in the election, and now it feels like we are jumping off a cliff,” Freeman said. “We just have to find out how we land. I’m not scared, though.

”I’m holding out hope that Donald Trump has to be a good president. He can’t not be. What I see is a guy who will not lose,” Freeman added.

Of course, these remarks were made just right before Trump signed the immigration executive order that has temporarily prohibited the intake and arrival of refugees from Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq and Libya.

Freeman himself did serve in the United States Air Force for a short while before transitioning into a career in Hollywood where he went on to win an Academy Award.

“Some people thought Hollywood wasn’t ready for a black president, but I didn’t consider it,” said Freeman, who played U.S. President in Deep Impact (2008) and Olympus Has Fallen (2013). “I’m not a professional black actor; I’m a professional actor. I can remember only once in the movies playing black, and that was Driving Miss Daisy.”

Stay tuned…there may be more to this story to come.

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