Hillary Arrogantly Tells Us To Move On From BENGHAZI – How Will You Respond? [MEME] [VIDEO]

by Just An American | July 20, 2016 10:55 pm


Never forget. Hillary left our heroes to die. With all the chaos that Black Lives Matter and radical Islam is inflicting on the world… we still cannot forget. She is guilty.

In remembrance…

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Via Cassy Fiano:[3]

From Louder with Crowder:

The mainstream media may have forgotten about Benghazi, but the military community hasn’t. And one Navy SEAL is breaking his silence.

From Louder with Crowder:
Earlier this week Dana Loesch sat down to talk with former Navy SEAL Tej Gill about Benghazi. He’s spearheading Project War Path, which sells t-shirts reading “Hillary Clinton killed my friends.” It’s safe to say he’s not a fan of hers, and rightly so. We’ve covered this subject in depth before – specifically detailing how Hillary Clinton is a lying gutterbeast Turns out there’s no new developments there– she’s still a lying gutterbeast. Verifiably, too; just refer to her email scandal. Also, any photo of her.

Tej points out how the deaths of Americans in Benghazi could have been avoided… Were it not for the stonewalling of hundreds of security requests. That’s a lot of concerns to sweep under the rug. In fact, you’re going to need a bigger rug…

Tej: If that consulate would have had the security in place that was needed, and denied, that attack would have taken place… but the consulate would have been able to repel the attack.

Dana: [Stevens] was trying to desperately get some fire sale barricades. The British already left their consulate, it was completely abandoned, and he was trying to get just the concrete barricades.

Tej: Yeah, 600 requests for security upgrades – denied. The consulate had zero security… The consulate was overran in 1 minute.

600 seems like a big number to you and I, but I’d venture that it doesn’t seem like all that much to Hillary. For instance, $600 is probably the cost of half of one of her pantsuits. Not worth batting a withering eyelash at. Clearly.

Hillary let these people die, plain and simple. She should be nowhere near the White House.

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