Hillary Claims She Will DEFEAT “ISIS” – But This Muslim Brotherhood Official Worked For Her

Hillary Claims She Will DEFEAT “ISIS” – But This Muslim Brotherhood Official Worked For Her

One might say that you need to know your enemy inside and out in order to be able to defeat them, but something tells me that ISN’T why Hillary Clinton employed a Muslim Brotherhood official at the Clinton Foundation.

And if she’s so willing to work with terrorists, then how on Earth does she think she’s going to defeat them? All they have to do is donate to the Clinton Foundation and suddenly they’re not murderers, and she’s sending them Christmas cards.


Gehad El-Haddad has had an interesting history, according to PJ Media. In 2011 and 2012, he “served on the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Nahda” (Renaissance) Project to revive the Caliphate and reinstitute Islamic law and also served as Morsi’s campaign spokesman.” During that time, he was also being paid by the Clinton Foundation.

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He was also said to have “incited violence, justified the torture of protesters, recycled fake news stories and staged fake scenes of confrontation during the 2013 Rabaa protests.” After Muslim Brotherhood operative Mohamed Morsi was deposed in Egypt, El-Haddad was arrested.

His LinkedIn page gives you a good look into his various professional exploits, as well as proof that he was working for The Clinton Foundation.


So… is somebody going to do something about this? I mean, how is this not all over the news by now? Hillary Clinton literally employed a terrorist sympathizer and everyone is going to just turn a blind eye to it?

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