Hipster Study Professor Tweets ‘Threats’ To Shoot White People, Then Gets Admitted To Psych Ward!

Hipster Study Professor Tweets ‘Threats’ To Shoot White People, Then Gets Admitted To Psych Ward!

A Rutgers University professor, and all around self-hating liberal, was reportedly taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after making ‘threatening’ comments about shooting white people, flag burning and gun control…all because he couldn’t mentally handle Donald Trump becoming the President-elect.


Kevin Allred is probably best known for teaching his women and genders study class called, now I’m not kidding, ‘Politicizing Beyonce’…I couldn’t imagine the relevance it has to today’s college students.

Well, when it was reported to police that he was making threatening comments on his Twitter account (because that’s where the tough guys go…), they paid him a visit at his Brooklyn home and what resulted was his admission to a psych hospital. Here’s how he explained his side of the story:

‘In class, we talked about flag burning generally as a form of protest, and what does the flag mean to different people, then I made a comment, essentially saying, “Would people feel the same way about being so lenient with the Second Amendment if people went out and got guns to shoot random white people?”‘

He continued on:

‘Now more than ever it’s important to fight back, make your voices heard, push for change in WHATEVER way you can. cuz Trump wants us silent,’ he tweeted.

‘And the new regime will go to even greater lengths to silence us. Trump has already proved it true before taking office. let’s not let him.’


So, you mean to tell me Rutgers University gave this guy…THIS HIPSTER SNOWFLAKE, a job as an adjunct professor? What a cesspool of regurgitation. These universities are cranking out the Marxist adult babies, only to turn around and employ them to train the next batch of overstimulated, self-important boobs.

This man-child has no idea how to navigate through life. The man can’t even handle the loss of a known corrupt woman running for President. Allred is a lunatic and I mean this in the least possible progressive way…it’s these unhinged, illogical, radicals that are put into positions of influence that are the most dangerous folks in America.

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