Hispanic Man Shoots Up People Near Polling Station, 1 Killed, 2 In Critical Condition – VIDEO

Hispanic Man Shoots Up People Near Polling Station, 1 Killed, 2 In Critical Condition – VIDEO

A Hispanic gunman was shot and killed after he himself murdered a man and critically injured two women not far from two polling places that were closed as a result.


Some reports have indicated that the shooting in the Los Angeles suburb of Azusa wasn’t election-related. The two polling sites were immediately closed down for two hours while police searched for the attacker. Only one of the stations was reopened.

Speaking to the media, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lt. John Corina said police officers called to the scene were drawn into a gun fight. Police later found the shooter in his home, dead from a gunshot wound. Whether he sustained that mortal wound from the exchange between the police, or he shot himself, investigators don’t know yet. None of the officers responding to the call were hurt in the shootout.

Earlier, false reports that the shooter was a woman armed with a semi-automatic assault rifle surfaced. But police have since scrapped that and stated that there is no evidence that anyone else was aiding the gunman who was found inside the house.


Police have also not concluded the gunman’s specific motive for the shooting and the identities of the gunman and the dead man haven’t been released. The two victims have been identified as 50 year-old women.

The shooting took place not too far from a few schools in the area and included one that was serving as a polling place. There were a reported 20 people still casting their ballots when the gunfire started around their polling station.

Chief Hunt claimed that the shooter began to engage officers as they took cover by a park and returned fire. When the officers first arrived, they were pinned down by gunfire. In all, four civilians had been wounded in the attack. Police are still investigating the motive…

Though many can draw conclusions, it’s always best to wait for the facts.

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