History Teacher Stomps on the American Flag in the Classroom

History Teacher Stomps on the American Flag in the Classroom

There is no law against burning the American flag. There is no law against stomping upon it either. However, that doesn’t mean that parents should have to accept a teacher teaching their kids to hate America.


Hatred for America and her history and values is all the rage these days amongst the left. Believing it to be chic and edgy, many liberals are apt to stomp upon the flag that greater Americans than they fought and died to defend. One history teacher at a public school stomped on the American flag to prove some kind of point and now, unsurprisingly, people are upset.

A teacher on Monday at Massey Hill Classical High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina – home of Fort Bragg and America’s Special Forces – stomped on the flag to prove a point about the value of the First Amendment.

The school district claims that they are investigating the incident. However, with teachers being fiercely guarded by union extortionists, it’s doubtful that this man will see any repercussions unless he dares to mention Christ.

“What that teacher did was a gut punch to all the military kids at that school,” one parent said. “More so to the ones with deployed parents and unforgivably so to Gold Star kids who lost a parent who fought under that flag. It is indefensible.”

“Clearly there are other ways to teach First Amendment rights without desecrating a flag,” the superintendent said.

Students reported that the teacher had attempted to burn and tear the flag before stomping on it. Several students were upset and some walked out in protest of the disgrace.

This man should not be thrown into a gulag, but let’s not pretend that teaching kids to hate America and her symbols of freedom is some kind of educational opportunity.

Just another day in the far-left educational system…


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