Hit The Limit? Angela Merkel SWEARS Burqa Ban in Germany Is Coming… [VIDEO]

by Sonja Bochow | December 11, 2016 12:04 am


Angela Merkel is running[2] for a 4th term as Chancellor. We know this because she is attempting to make her people believe she has learned her lesson on open borders and allowing unlimited numbers of refugees into Germany. This week, she called for a ban of burqas, on the “full face veil.” But at this point, after numerous rapes, murders and assaults by refugees upon the German people, it may be too late to convince Germans that Merkel has their best interests in mind.


Interestingly, in the video below, where Merkel announces this call for a ban on burqas, she actually utters the following sentence:

“Our laws have priority over honor codes, tribal and family rules, and over the Sharia.”

It’s really too bad she didn’t seem to believe that when she opened the refugee floodgates, putting Germans in danger. Why would she say it now? Does she really believe it? Or is she playing politics with the lives of the German people again? Will she pretend to want to protect Germany, until she gets elected again and then go back to her previous mode of operation of welcoming anyone who wants in? We don’t know the answers to any of these questions, but it seems clear that Germans probably can’t take the chance on a 4th term. She’s got a history and it isn’t a good one. Only time will tell what the German people think of Merkel. The German federal election will take place sometime between August and October of 2017, as per federal law.

How about this Madame Chancellor, how about instead of banning burqas, you ban unvetted unlimited refugees? How about you worry more about criminals and less about clothing?

Merkel has about 10 months to make her case for re-election. Let’s hope Germans wise up and vote her out. She has shown who she is. And that crafty leopard will not likely change its spots. Let’s hope it’s auf wiedersehen for Angela Merkel. Germany deserves better.

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