A Homeless Vet Thought a Cruel Stranger Was Tearing Up His Sign, He Wasn’t Ready for a Magic Trick

by Tiffiny Ruegner | October 8, 2014 9:34 pm

YouTube star Rob Anderson heard about Alan McCracken, a homeless veteran known for his kind demeanor who encourages people to “smile.” Then, Mr. Anderson decided he wanted to figure out a unique way to help the vet out.[1]

homeless vet and magician[2]

McCracken had a sign that said “anything helps” on it, so Rob filmed himself taking the sign and asking him if writing dollar signs on it would help.

It’s safe to say McCracken didn’t have too much faith in Rob at this point. Then, Rob appeared to rip up McCracken’s sign right before his very eyes.

Rob continued ripping up the sign while McCracken stared at him puzzled and calm, bless his soul. Then, voila! Who had seemed like the perpetrator of a cruel hoax had turned into the messenger of a powerful blessing.

McCracken obviously thought the trick was pretty cool. Rob has since started a fund so that people can donate to his new friend.

Creativity and compassion – a pretty potent combination.


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