Homeowner Tricks Holiday Package Thief Into Stealing Box Of Dog Poop

by Greg Campbell | December 15, 2015 6:15 pm

Scumbags love Christmastime. While so many eagerly await the special day and buy gifts for loved ones, there are plenty of morally-bankrupt thieves out there who are willing to sully this holy holiday with their illegalities. One man had had enough of a local package thief and decided to teach him a lesson and it’s quite hilarious.[1]


A homeowner in Las Vegas came up with a creative way to deal with thieves stealing his packages.

Eric Bardo left a package filled with dog poop on his doorstep after he was “fed up” with reports of local package thefts. He felt this was the perfect way to keep the thieves away.

“It sat out there for four days and they finally came and got it,” said Bardo.

Bardo says he bought security cameras after someone broke into his car a few months after he moved in. The cameras came in handy this time, as they captured the thieves taking the decoy package.

Some of security videos can be seen in the player above.

I would love to have been there when this greedy SOB opened up the package and was treated to the stench of dog poop.

Hopefully, he got the message.

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