HORROR: She Bit Off Her Husband’s Manhood After THIS Happened

by Just An American | March 30, 2016 9:57 am

HOLY CRAP! The details of this story are 100% CRINGE status…this woman is INSANE! WARNING – what you are about to read, you cannot unread. You’ve been warned…[1]

Woman-emasculate (1)[2]

From BooksPen:

According to WNDR, during her interrogation, Christina confessed that she had been planning her crime since she had surprised her husband performing oral sex on her crystal meth dealer, last weekend.

She told police that she had spent many hours sharpening her teeth with nail file over the last week, in order to make the castration easier. She finally put her plan into action this morning, and began by tighing her husband’s hand and feet to their bed, pretending that it was part of a sexual game.

In an astonishing feat of jaw strenght, she then cut throught her husband’s genitals with her teeth, tearing his penis and testicles from his body. She then left him there, severely bleeding, to go in another room of the residence and smoke drugs.

When the officers arrived on the site, the victim was naked, unconscious and covered with blood,” police chief Jon Belmar told reporters.

The accused was sitting on a couch, smoking crystal meth with her face and clothes full of blood. She immediately confessed to castrating her husband, screaming “I bit his dick off!” over and over again, and bragging about her crime.”

How a person snaps like this and is crazy enough to plan, prepare and execute such a heinous act…I’ll never understand. This lady takes “a woman scorned” to a whole new, DISGUSTING level…

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