Hot Pink is The New Black for Some Georgia Inmates

Hot Pink is The New Black for Some Georgia Inmates

The Daily Mail Reports that Georgia inmates have a new look for litter crew pickup- and it’s pretty in hot pink for all:


Hot pink uniforms are the newest fashion for inmates at the city jail in Grovetown, Georgia.

The public safety chief views the style as a crime-fighting weapon.

About 10 inmates donned the first batch of the brightly colored uniforms this month as they picked up trash along the city’s roads.

The pink uniforms will be reserved for inmates serving sentences for misdemeanor crimes.

With the new rule mandating male inmates, who normally wear orange, to now wear pink – it seems to be working as sergeants said inmates commented they do not want to return to the jail if they have to wear the color, reported Atlanta Daily World.

‘Folks will see our inmates picking up trash in the gullies wearing hot pink, and hopefully it’ll give them a second thought if they want to come here and do wrong,’ said Gary Jones, director of the city’s public safety department.

Jones said he was inspired by his hero, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona who made international news when he required inmates to wear pink underwear and pink handcuffs.

America’s self-proclaimed ‘toughest sheriff’ also made headlines last year when it was revealed he put 38 inmates on a bread and water meal plan after they ‘desecrated the American flag’ in their cells.

The sheriff also punishes problem inmates by forcing them to eat his ‘nutraloaf’, made of mash of vegetables, fruit, meat and other nutrients that are blended together and baked into a bread-like loaf.

Personally, I would prefer the pink uniforms, but somehow I get the feeling that these fellas don’t like it much. Maybe this will be helpful for others to see them on the roadside picking up rubbish – but then again, I think promoting the ‘nutraloaf’ would be just as much a deterrent. Happy trash picking, boys, and enjoy the catcalls.


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