How Dare A Caucasian Male Question A Wise Latina!

by Melissa Clouthier | July 15, 2009 12:47 pm

Is there a more pathetic creature than a liberal white male bathed in the identity-politics undermining his own credibility by damning white males? Exhibit “A”: Craig Crawford[1]. It makes sense for Maureen Dowd to hide behind her persecuted vagina[2], but why would a man do the same thing?

Why would one middle-aged white man deride other white men for having the temerity to ask Sonia Sotomayor a tough question? Oh, right. It’s not that the old white male asked the question, it’s how he asked the question. Because, you know, older white men shouldn’t get uppity. It’s not their place to question a Wise Latina. Really, no one should. She deserves a position on the Supreme Court because she has a vagina, tawny skin, a compelling life story and most importantly of all, she’s a liberal.

It’s clear that the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor has nothing to do with her ability and everything to do with her ethnicity, gender, and leftist credibility.

Matt Lewis also has an interesting take on identity politics[3]. Tread carefully Dems, lest you be hung by your own rope.

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