HuffPo Moonbats Attack Joe the Plumber

by Van Helsing | October 16, 2008 3:12 pm

Joe Wurzelbacher has become the personification of the American dream struggling to survive in the face of encroaching socialism. The Ohio plumber has worked long and hard to put himself in the position to buy a business, for which Obama would reward him by taxing him into a hole for being a capitalist oppressor. As The One explained to him, preventing his upward mobility is all part of the grand scheme to “spread the wealth around” — i.e., from those who worked hard to create it, to those who are too busy smoking crack, collecting welfare, and commenting at Huffington Post.

Here’s Joe the Plumber on Cavuto:

Giving the lie to the meme that only demonized fat cats will suffer under Obama’s deranged plans to jack up taxes in the face of a recession is not winning Wurzelbacher any friends on the left. I don’t know if Keith Olbermann has designated him the Worst Person in the World yet, but here’s what commenters are saying about him at HuffPo[1]:

Joe the Plumber is the typical selfish American voter who only cares about his own personal situation and not the big picture. […] Guys like these disgust me.

[M]aybe Joe [the] Plumber and Joe Sixpack can meet up in Northwestern, New Hampshire with the Mooselady and talk about faucets!

I bet JOE PLUMBCRA^K has a criminal background. […] How was it that McCainRat knew what JOEA^ssCra^k said to Obama, if he was none other than a PLANT?

So the white guy is the only measure of this economy? I’m so sick of everyone else’s welfare being measured against the white guy.

Maybe inhaling poo fumes all day has him under the delusion he makes $250K/yr.

You know what, screw Joe the plumber and Joe the electrician.[…] They all wanted to drive BMW’s and buy homes that were bigger and more expensive at 25 than their parent’s homes that they bought at 50.

Well, I hope Joe the Plumber enjoys having to pay tax on his health insurance. Dumba$$.

Just vote for the old white guy, Joe. And stick to plumbing. You don’t want to start taxing the old grey matter too much.

What does Joe do after work? I think I see a 6 pack out there.

You don’t need a business Joe. Keep plumbin’ those pipes.

Joe six pack, joe the plumber…joe buck…joe mama?

Not ANOTHER Joe…please, say it ain’t so! I bet he likes beer, too.

Et cetera. But if you think Obamunists are elitist snobs, it’s only because you’ve been misled by Fox News[2].

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