She Had a HUGE Blackhead on Her Back… When She Popped It? OMG!

She Had a HUGE Blackhead on Her Back… When She Popped It? OMG!

The utmost expert in mysterious stuff under the skin does NOT disappoint in this blackhead removal VIDEO. At first I thought… this is small and boring then THIS happens…

Screenshot 2016-02-18 at 2.37.04 PM (1)

The good Doctor explains below what she is working on… and the video will blow your mind!

Meet this beautiful couple, she has big blackheads on the back and he has popped many of them for her, but some of them have gotten too big for them both to handle. He also has skin issues of his own, which is the primary reason they came in to see us in the office. So you will see more of the two of them!

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I could NOT tear my eyes away from the video. It starts out a little slow and at first I was disappointed it was merely a blackhead. But THEN it turns into huge cavern… super crazy. You’ll be sharing with your friends immediately after. The comments to this incredible video go on and on… here are just a few:
dylan w
Who needs a girlfriend when I can spend my Valentines Day watching blackheads being popped and eating Pizza? I’m so happy, I might even have a beer later and watch Predator in my boxer shorts. This is the life

I know it! That’s what I was going to comment about earlier. Dr. Lee just kept pulling out more and more gunk! I was happy! It kept going! :D

Nicole Woodall
Once again, how can anyone give this video a “thumbs down”?

WARNING: Video contains graphic content. DO NOT watch while eating… you won’t be able to finish your meal.

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