Huma Abedin’s sister tells people that DOJ ‘election audit’ could put Hillary in the White House

Huma Abedin’s sister tells people that DOJ ‘election audit’ could put Hillary in the White House

As desperate as liberals were for Trump to lose the election so they could call him a sore loser, they sure seem to be doing their fair share of whining.

What happened to refusing to accept the election results is endangering our democracy? It appears that that particular line of thinking is only a one-way street.

That could be said of a lot of liberal thoughts, though.


Hema Abedin, Huma’s sister, is spreading the false theory that the DOJ can potentially overturn the election results via an audit.

The DOJ, however, has vehemently denied that they will succumb to the pressure to carry out the audit.

The post Hema made on social media encouraged her followers to call the Department of Justice, as they were counting phone calls of people requesting the action. This was found to be the content of a viral meme, but is not accurate.

All of this started after failed Green Party candidate Jill Stein raised money for a recount, in which the Clinton camp is participating.

Her intervention comes after Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein raised millions to pay for a legal challenge leading to a recount in Wisconsin, which will start on Thursday.

Clinton, the Democratic candidate, lost the state to Donald Trump by 27,000 votes, the first time the Wisconsin has voted for a Republican since 1984.

The Clinton camp has said it is ‘participating’ in the recount but is not financing it.

Stein has said that she does not expect the recount to change the result but wants to see if the voting machines were interfered with, possibly by Russian hackers.

Such theories have spread on social media – and one of the widely-quoted posts is by Heba, who is a PR and fashion consultant in New York. She lives with her husband and children in New Jersey.

Her post read: ‘The Department of Justice is tallying phone calls regarding those who want the 2016 Vote Audited. A shift of just 55,000 Trump votes to Hillary in PA, MI & WI is all that is Needed to Win.

‘They are starting to recognize there is something really off about the election results as they come in. Considering everything that is at stake, a vote audit should be done.

‘Call the DOJ …. and tell them you want the votes audited. Even if it’s busy, keep calling. It takes a few times to get through because of all the calls being made.’

This is going to be four years of liberals crying about Donald Trump’s “questionable legitimacy” as President, isn’t it?

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