Husband & wife celebrate 82 years of marriage

Husband & wife celebrate 82 years of marriage

With all the talk you hear of divorce in the United States, it’s moving to hear of a love story that has lasted 82 years!  Duranord (108) and Jeanne (105) recently shared their story.


On Saturday, Duranord will celebrate his 108th birthday, while his wife will turn 105 in May.

Duranord was born in 1907 to a fisherman in southern Haiti. He grew up in Port-au-Prince, where he studied law, and married Jeanne in November 1932, the same month Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected.

They raised five children together.

The were married in 1932 and moved to America in 1968.  They both need assistance to walk and only leave the house for doctor’s visits, but still enjoy a life full of love with each other as fully as they can.

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