I Thought We Came to America to Get Away from the G20?

Maybe I was asleep during history class? But, I swear we immigrated to America for civil, political and economic freedom. We attempted to get away from the lunatics in Europe, East Asia and Africa today. The old land was terrible and we wanted an improvement. We wanted to be free; that was the point.

Now, it seems that everyone is more than willing to put our values on an equal playing field with the rest of the world and blindly submit to the norms and laws of everyone else, as if we created our Constitution in a vacuum, or over a game of pin the tail on the donkey. Am I the only one who feels this way?

People literally died so that we would have our own government, not a world government, and our President addresses other leaders this week by apologizing that our freedom brought us prosperity. It quite frankly makes me ill…kinda like the sea sickness one felt on a boat trip across the Atlantic to get the heck away from Europe.

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