Illegal aliens now TAUNTING ICE because Obama is protecting them from justice

Illegal aliens now TAUNTING ICE because Obama is protecting them from justice

What a shock, I.C.E. agency workers are totally annoyed that Obama’s promised ‘amnesty’ BS will likely cause a lack in morale for the agency as a whole:


From the article:

Morale among officers at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, already low, has reached a new bottom as illegal immigrants expecting amnesty from President Obama taunt and ridicule the overworked officers, according to a new report.

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“Yes,” said one, “working for this agency is hell right now.”

…She said that officers are concerned that illegals with criminal records are being released under Obama’s policies, and that some immigrants taunt the officers, believing that the policies protect them.

“Some have told me that illegal alien criminals they have arrested have even taunted them, saying they know the ICE officers can’t do anything to them because of Obama administration policies,” Vaughan told Secrets.


Obama’s solution? Toss a couple bucks their way. Seriously? How about we fix the immigration issue and STOP AMNESTY! There should be a zero tolerance policy for this BS in America. Illegals are taunting the folks protecting borders because the almighty Obama shall save them. Let’s stop the disrespect of those protecting our borders once and for all.



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