IMPRESSIVE Shot! Detective Is Critically Wounded In Shootout, So Officer Ends It With ONE Shot – VIDEO

IMPRESSIVE Shot! Detective Is Critically Wounded In Shootout, So Officer Ends It With ONE Shot – VIDEO

A Colorado police officer went above and beyond using his rifle when he shot and killed a suicidal man who had previously shot and critically injured a detective responding to the call.


The shooting occurred on September 2nd in Colorado, however the footage was released on Thursday to allow time for law enforcement to review the evidence. With the footage release came the statement that none of the officers involved in the encounter would be facing any charges for the killing of Randall Rodick, 40.

The video shows Officer Ronnie Dorrell hopping out of his vehicle and booking it behind an open door for cover before pointing his AR-15 towards the back of the white vehicle. You hear the pop of the round squeezed off and it hits Rodick in the head, killing him on the scene.

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Judicial District Attorney George Brauchler held a press conference over the incident and commended the quick thinking and skills of Dorrell in bringing the situation under control.

‘That is an amazing shot, that kept this from turning I think into something far worse.’

The shootout was on when police received reports of a man with a gun, later identified by police as Rodick, near the area of Dixon Drive and Alpine Drive in Parker. Officials say Rodick entered a mobile home as deputies arrived and started shooting at them as they scrambled.


Rodick shot Det. Dan Brite in the chest, critically wounding him, before taking flight in a recreational vehicle, officials said. He then continued to take shots at law enforcement responding to the call, as well as any others in the area up until he was killed by Dorrell.

Investigators say that Brite only survived the serious gun shot wound because the hospital was so close to where the incident all went down. Deputy District Attorney Larry Bailey had this to say:

‘Based on the law and the facts of this incident, I conclude that each of the officers who discharged their weapons in this incident was justified in attempting to use deadly physical force and using deadly force to defend themselves and other, and to apprehend Rodick,’

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