In a shooting situation? Use a belt to barricade the door

by Rachel Alexander | December 6, 2015 8:09 pm

RWN[1]You never know when you are going to be a victim of a horrible situation. Although the odds are slim, it can’t hurt to be prepared when you happen to come across useful¬†information. We’ve got some helpful info.[2]

Inside Edition reports,

Safety expert Bill Stanton showed us ways you can reduce the risk if the unthinkable happens — like it did in San Bernardino.

He said the first thing you want to look for your exits and go, but if there are no exits visible, find a place to hide.

He also suggested building a barricade if you are inside a conference room or small office using flipped over tables to block the door.

That tip is exactly what one police officer advised his son who was trapped inside the office building in California during the massacre.

Once things are barricaded, Stanton said: “You want to set the alarms off. Put a flame under a sprinkler system and you want to bring as much attention to this situation as humanly possible.”

What if you have nothing to barricade the door with? Stanton said to use a belt.

“Take a belt and tighten it on the hinge. They are not going to get through because it is not going to open,” according to Stanton.

If the gunman breaks through the door, Stanton says to fight back and use anything you can get your hands on as a weapon — like a fire extinguisher or scissors.

“A fire extinguisher can create a fog to anyone chasing and make the floor slippery. Toss it and then run,” Stanton said. His advice with the scissors is to aim right for the eye.”

Watch the full helpful video below from Inside Edition.

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