Incredible Drone Footage Captures The Moment Two Huge Whales Approach A Paddle Boarder

Incredible Drone Footage Captures The Moment Two Huge Whales Approach A Paddle Boarder

We live in a fascinating world filled with tremendous beauty. Recently, a man on a paddle board was approached by two whales and the encounter was captured by a nearby drone. Thankfully, this encounter has been shared online for all to witness the beauty of God’s world.


Stunning drone footage has captured the moment a pair of whales got up close to a paddle boarder, putting the size of the mammals into perspective.

The video, captured near Esperance, Western Australia, shows the whales – reportedly Southern Right Whales – basking near the surface of the turquoise waters as a paddle boarder approaches.

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At one point in the surreal footage, man and whales are only metres apart as they share a magical moment.

Esperance man Jaimen Hudson heard the whales were enjoying the water off Fourth Beach, near the town, and headed down with his drone at fast as possible, the ABC reported.

In a moment of perfect timing, another man from the area, Dave Price, was approaching the whales.

The birds-eye view of the scene taking place is beautiful, Mr Price a speck dwarfed by the massive creatures and vast, bright blue ocean.

‘There was one time when the whales lifted their heads up looked up over Pricey’s board, they were so inquisitive and wanted to know what he was,’ Mr Hudson told the ABC.

He did not believe the encounter was dangerous, as the whales were moving so slowly and peacefully.

Since posting the footage online on Thursday, the response had been overwhelming, he said.

It had been used by television stations and viewed around the world.

Following the video’s success, Mr Hudson said he hoped to ‘take if further one day’, the ABC reported.

This is seriously cool. We are, too often, focused on the troubles of society that sometimes, we forget to notice the splendor all around us.

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