Indiana High School SCREWED UP BIG After Removing Pro-Life Sign; Slapped With A LAWSUIT!

Indiana High School SCREWED UP BIG After Removing Pro-Life Sign; Slapped With A LAWSUIT!


Carmel High School’s school motto is ‘Veritas Scientia Mores’. The Latin translates to “Truth Knowledge Morals.” But in a recent incident at the school, truth, knowledge and morals were strangely absent when the administration, in response to the complaint of ONE STUDENT, removed a poster intended to encourage adoption over abortion. That’s right, Carmel’s administration took down a poster covered with hearts, meant to convey the value of an unborn baby’s life by signifying the number of babies who lose their lives to abortion every day. Sounds like the administration can’t handle truth, knowledge or morality.

It’s hard to imagine being more profoundly arrogant and uninformed. The poster, created by a school club called “Carmel Teens for Life,” was their effort to bring awareness of an issue to their campus. But because the concept of valuing a baby’s life appears to be offensive to one person in the school (really?), the poster was taken down. Let’s get this straight, we can have every kind of awareness on campus; cancer, AIDS, bullying and drug addiction. But apparently we can’t have teens being exposed to the awareness that the little one growing inside his or her mother is precious and deserves to live.

There simply is no excuse for this glaring infringement of these teen’s right to speak their beliefs. And so the Carmel Teens for Life have obtained legal counsel. The school has been sent a letter demanding the situation be reversed. There can be no justification for taking away the student’s voice. In a school environment, every viewpoint gets to contribute to the conversation, even students who believe life in the womb is priceless. Yep, even them. It seems the school wants to silence the voices defending unborn life just as those children who are aborted are silenced. The Left is always looking to silence dissent. This time it won’t work. Or there will be legal consequences. No doubt all the Left leaning clubs get to keep their posters up.

Message to whiny Liberals everywhere; if you don’t LIKE something, walk away and don’t look at it. But you don’t get to remove it. You don’t get to remove others from the public conversation. That’s not how any of this works.

See video below to get a peek at the beautiful poster encouraging adoption over abortion.

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