Ingraham Eviscerates Juan Williams For Calling Trump’s Picks A “Team Of Radicals” [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | November 21, 2016 1:46 am

Yet another spat between a Trump supporter and an Obama supporter has gone down today and it was a vicious one.


The conservative radio host, Laura Ingraham – who is under consideration to serve as Trump’s Press Secretary – was confronted on Fox News over the President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for National Security Adviser, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

The challenger? None other than Fox News contributor, Juan Williams. What Juan had to say nearly blew me out of my seat! Now I warn you. You might be in need of some heavy duty duct tape to bandage your head after it explodes from the complete dismissal of that last 8 years of the Obama presidency, by Williams… Just breathe in and out slowly, and we’ll get through this together.

Williams calls Trump’s team, a ‘team of radicals’…

Laura Ingraham doesn’t even flinch. She takes William’s accusations head on and really drives a few points home. She mentioned that the kind of comments that Juan lazily spews out were the kind of non-substantive accusations that cause Americans to really ‘despise this city’ (referring to Washington, DC).

If I didn’t already know that everyone sitting at this panel is completely worthless when it comes down to what really matters (ESPN panels and pretty much any other panel you can think of), I would be up in arms…but that’s just playing into the cycle and boy, do I hate reruns.

All of these pundits are good for nothing. Getting a jab in here, spit out radical ideology there. Let’s see who can look and sound the best, while the whole time they are all trying to score a ‘win’ for their ‘team’. They contribute nothing but division and confusion, and America would be better served ignoring these fame-chasers.

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