Inmate Knocks Out Female Prison Guard After He Smuggled LAPTOP Containing ‘Lewd’ Pictures Of Himself… [VIDEO]

Inmate Knocks Out Female Prison Guard After He Smuggled LAPTOP Containing ‘Lewd’ Pictures Of Himself… [VIDEO]

Disgusting footage reveals the moment a Cook County Jail detainee sucker punched a female officer while he was in his cell after it was discovered he was using a laptop to film a ‘talk show’.


Jimmie Smith, 41, has been in confinement for more than seven years inside the Illinois jail as he is awaiting disposition for a whole lot of bad – attempted murder, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated criminal sexual assault and two counts of contraband in a penal institution…this guy has been busy.

Surveillance video and an investigation disclosed that on December 5th, Smith punched a female correctional lieutenant straight in the face inside the Division 9 jail.

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The cruel attack come about as officers were trying to remove a contraband laptop that Smith had in his possession. Footage from the scene showed the female officer reaching and speaking with Smith, who is smashing up a laptop in an attempt to demolish it.


Then, as the female officer approaches Smith in order to get a hold of the device, Smith is then seen swinging a fast punch directly at her face, making contact and sending her to the ground as other officers instantly rush and detain him. Smith was only granted access to the laptop to help him prepare for his defense, as he opted out of a defense lawyer and chose to represent himself in his upcoming court appearances. What has officials baffled, is how he was able to get it in his cell and also keep it there without it being found.

Authorities reviewed multiple videos that were found on the laptop and many show Smith trying to host a ‘show’ that he called ‘My Back’s Against the Wall’.

In one video that sheriff’s officials shared online of his ‘show’, Smith videos himself eating some instant noodles. There was also pictures of Smith in ‘lewd’ positions in ‘various settings within the jail’.

This guy is a real nut job.

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