INSANE: US Marine Goes After Afghani Child Rapists!…Now The Pentagon Goes After Him!?

INSANE: US Marine Goes After Afghani Child Rapists!…Now The Pentagon Goes After Him!?

This is a shocking tale about a US Marine who tried to stop the rape of children in Afghanistan. Jason Brezler sent an email warning his fellow Marines in 2012 of a High ranking police chief using a boy as a sex slave. Unfortunately, he realized too late that he had sent this highly sensitive information on his personal Yahoo account. Brezler reported himself after realizing that he had used the wrong account. He was then penalized for this and relieved of duty. His status is now on hold as there is a pending case to decide whether he should be discharged.


Did the officers do anything after receiving this report of the sex slaves? Brezler’s attorney, Michael Bowe, says that NOTHING has been done in regards to this horrific revelation. They didn’t do anything to prevent the killing of 3 Marines by some of these sex slaves who entered on the base. The people who disregarded the information that led to the deaths of the Marines were not investigated, sanctioned or even reprimanded. The Marine Corps has spent the past 3 years destroying the Marine who reported this horrific treatment of boys and yet the boy-raping Police Chief has received no reprimand for this reprehensible practice.


Brezler is currently serving as a firefighter in New York City while his case continues to be litigated in court. Everyone is shocked how this case has turned out. It seems that someone’s priorities are a LOT mixed up. All Brezler wanted to do was help people. And in this case save the young victims of a leader in the country he was serving in. Why do you think a guy who is dedicated to helping others is being treated like this?

“This was a dirty little secret for a while,” Bowe said. “The fact is that our soldiers, sailors and Marines were being told that they couldn’t do anything about this practice, where these Afghan leaders were keeping these boys as sex slaves, because it would insult them. And they were being told that by senior commanders who simply didn’t do anything about that.” WATCH the entire video here:

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