Insurgency! CNN Staffers Demand Trump’s Ex-Campaign Manager be FIRED as a Commentator!

by Sonja Bochow | June 25, 2016 9:24 pm

The hiring of Trump’s former campaign manager[1] isn’t sitting well with the staff of CNN, a notoriously Liberal cable news network. Deciding that they know best about who should be hired or fired, these employees plan to “revolt” against Lewandowski’s being employed by the cable news giant. Read on for details.


From the Daily Mail:

Corey Lewandowski’s swift appointment as CNN’s pro-Trump commentator – the same day he was fired from the billionaire businessman’s campaign – has already caused an ‘internal revolt’.

The paid position has made Lewandowski, whose time as Trump’s campaign manager has been dogged by controversy, an exclusive commentator for the channel, and is effective immediately.

But the surprise hire by the channel’s Worldwide director Jeff Zucker is causing ramifications – especially among female CNN staff – according to a Page Six source.

A ‘TV Insider’ told the site that female reporters and producers in particular are ‘organizing and considering publicly demanding that Lewandowski be let go’.

Lewandowski was fired by Trump Monday in the wake of dropping poll figures, and made the deal to go to CNN that day, a source familiar with the channel told Politico.

His first post-firing in-studio interview – the first overall, not counting an NBC interview that he made after being cornered on the way to the CNN studio – was with CNN’s Dana Bash.

Immediately afterwards he went into a ‘long’ meeting in the office of CNN’s vice president of communications, Barbara Levin, the source told Politico.

The upshot of that meeting was that he will join Ronald Reagan former political director, Jeffrey Lord, and conservative columnist Kayleigh McEnany as the channel’s go-to Trump fans.

Although Lewandowski is a controversial figure, it really seems as if these other employees are overstepping their bounds. Who gets hired or fired is none of their business. They would likely not be appreciative of a mass effort by their coworkers to get them fired. So why do they think they even have a say? Maybe they all need to be fired to remind them who’s boss and it isn’t them.

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