Intense VIDEO Shows GREAT WHITE SHARK Crashing through DIVER’S CAGE, With Diver In It! He Scrambles!

by Sonja Bochow | October 15, 2016 10:59 pm


A day of diving and shark observation[2] turned suddenly horrifying when a Great White Shark burst through the bars of a dive cage. The expedition was in the water near Guadalupe Island off the Mexican coast.

A shark is seen to be pursuing some bait in the water as a diver in the cage takes pictures. But things go quickly wrong when the shark somehow breaks through the bars of the diver’s cage and actually ends up in the cage with him. The crew on the boat realizes what has happened and opens an escape hatch. Thankfully the predator takes that opportunity and swims away.

But no one knows how the diver has fared and they fear the worst. Moments later he surfaces in one piece, giving the “okay” sign. He had slipped out the bottom of the cage and survived. It was a close call with a happy ending.

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