Investigators: Chicago Voters Casting Ballots From Beyond The Grave [VIDEO]

Investigators: Chicago Voters Casting Ballots From Beyond The Grave [VIDEO]

For decades, now the tales of dead people rising from their graves just to vote in an election year is at least one explanation for the phenomenon. Another, more realistic reason is that parties are using the identities of the dead to cast votes for their ‘side’ and Republicans have been accusing Democrats for years of that precise scandal.


But of course the Dems will always deny such ‘ridiculous claims’, giving the assurance that virtually no voter fraud occurs…But we aren’t stupid and this report, which isn’t the first of it’s kind, is evidence that voter fraud is alive and well today

…Also it really isn’t zombies voting, just to get that out.

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Two CBS reporters have recently researched numerous cases of voter fraud just in the city of Chicago. What they found was what the tale was actually truth – Susie Sallie died in 1998, yet she miraculously voted 12 years later. Another, Victor Crosswell, had voted six times…after he had passed away. Floyd Stevens voted 11 times. Dead.

All these two investigators had to do was compare the voting histories in Chicago to the death master file from the Social Security Administration and they found an obvious trend. Their analysis in all showed that 119 people – who are dead – had voted a total of 229 times in just the last decade.


Chicago city election board spokesman, Jim Allen, has claimed that the majority of these voter fraud cases are most likely attributed to ‘clerical errors’.

“This is not the bad old days, there are just a few instances here where a father came in for a son, or a neighbor was given the wrong ballot application and signed it.”

This feels like a game of point the finger and no one seems to be asking the question of how these dead people ACTUALLY CAST A BALLOT VOTE.

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