Iraq Has Breached The UN Resolution Again

Iraq Has Breached The UN Resolution Again: I normally don’t post the week-end but this was too good to pass up.

“Iraqi officials submitted the completed declaration on its weapons programs to U.N. arms inspectors in Baghdad Saturday, emphasizing once again that the country has no weapons of mass destruction.”

Of course, that means the Iraqis have again breached the latest UN Resolution which may lead to war…

“Under Security Council Resolution 1441, Iraq must submit a full and complete disclosure of its chemical, biological and nuclear programs or face serious consequences. The United States has threatened military action and is busy building up forces in the region if Iraq does not comply.”

We know definitively that Iraq has breached the latest UN resolution not simply because Britain and the US have claimed the Iraqis have weapons of mass destruction, but because the inspectors have already found WMD in Iraq. This was recounted here

“U.N. weapons inspectors found mustard gas yesterday inside Iraqi artillery shells at a military complex north of Baghdad.

The inspectors had already known the gas and shells were stored at the Muthanna military site but hadn’t yet been destroyed when the previous inspection team left Iraq in 1998.”

If the Iraqi list actually says they have no weapons of mass destruction (and that is how is sounds), then I don’t see a reason for the inspectors to even stay in Iraq in longer. Let’s go ahead and go back to the UN and get our new resolution (since President Bush has decided to go that way) and get down to business. The time for talking has long since been over and now the time for action is here.

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