IRS Tax Scammer Believes He’s Caught Another Victim – Then GOD Intervenes [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | June 4, 2016 6:32 am

Is it not bad enough that we have to pay these ridiculous tax rates? YES, it’s down right disgusting…but on top of that, we have to be on guard for tax scammers.[1] They are everywhere and they will try everything to make your life a living hell.


From Qpolitical:

One man knew exactly what to do when a tax scammer called him to say he still owed the IRS over $3,000. He went on to tell him that his property was going to be seized, including his home and other additional penalties, if the man did not pay this debt immediately over the phone with his credit card.

Now, most of us probably wouldn’t be able to sit on the other end of the phone and play it cool like this guy did. But hats off to him for pulling it off. He knew the IRS doesn’t ever call people like this and ask for payments over the phone. So maybe he just wanted to see what kind of crazy things they would tell him so he could catch them in a lie.

Amazing. It wasn’t just about being funny. This guy actually took the time to try and convince this scammer to change his ways. Who would have the patience for that?

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