ISIS Bombmaker Cries- Wishes He Was Dedicated Enough To Blow Himself Up For Allah, BUT…

ISIS Bombmaker Cries- Wishes He Was Dedicated Enough To Blow Himself Up For Allah, BUT…

It takes a certain kind of coward to advocate death for a cause for others, but refuse to find the conviction to place their own life on the line for this cause, themselves. A bombmaker for ISIS may be interested in talking the talk, but has admitted that he refuses to walk the walk.


An ISIS bomb maker who is awaiting trial for building suicide vests has said he would never wear one of his devices himself.

Jasim Mohammed Atti’ya, 22, was arrested for his role in the attack on a government building in Kirkuk, northern Iraq on November 3, 2015.

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Atti’ya is believed to have made the devices used by three Isis terrorists during the attack. Several anti-ISIS Peshmerga and police were killed during the operation to retake the government building.

The attack began with a bomb blast targeting a checkpoint in Dibis, north west of Kirkuk. It is understood that Atti’ya manufactured the devices used in operation.

Speaking to Fox News, Atti’ya said: ‘What I did were terror acts. It was my duty. There are infidels and there is instruction in Koran to stop this and fight all infidels.’

Security officials claimed that Atti’ya, who faces the death penalty for his role in ISIS, ‘cried like a baby’ when he was arrested claiming that Allah would be ‘angry’ with him for being captured.

According to Atti’ya, he joined ISIS aged 20 and was trained in how to build explosives and plan IED attacks.

He said he was sent to a bomb-making camp for two weeks. The first week concentrated on improvised explosive devices and the second week concerned mounting explosives into vehicles.

He revealed: ‘I had all this power and then I got arrested. When you have all that power you feel like no fears.’

The terrorist claimed he would never be able to strap a bomb onto himself.

He added: ‘I never thought of killing myself, I am not convinced to kill myself. Actually I would leave or escape if they gave me this order. I wouldn’t explode myself. That is another level of faith.’

Shortly after learning how to make bombs and fit explosives to cars, he was promoted

Kurdish officials claim that Atti’ya is being held in conditions in line with internationally accepted standards until his trial.

He is being detained by the Kurdish Regional Government.

At the time of his arrest, Atti’ya was preparing a massive truck bomb which was going to be used in an attack in Ebril, about 70 miles south of the Turkish border.

Kurdish officials claim the bomb, if it detonated, would have been devastating.

He said he was given more than $30,000 to buy a vehicle which was going to be used in the foiled attack.

While in prison, Atti’ya receives regular visits from the Red Cross and according to witnesses appears to be in good health and doe snot appear to be maltreated.

During the exclusive interview, which will air on Fox News, the suspected terrorist claims he does not know exactly how many people were killed and wounded by his devices, although he believes the figure to be at least ‘scores’.

Atti’ya claimed the success of the operation in November impressed the ISIS senior leadership, although he admitted he never got to meet the terror-group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Following the November success, they wanted him involved in a far more ambitious operation which led to his eventual capture.

Having spent time in custody, he finally accepts that some of the people killed by his bombs were innocent.

Although he believes that fellow Muslims should join ISIS and strike at America.

What a pathetic coward this scumbag is!

He is prepared to create bombs so that others may destroy innocent lives. He will make these bombs so that others may blow themselves up with the twisted hope that doing so would be to honor Allah.

He is, however, willing to put his money where his mouth is.

It’s not unlike President Obama and Michael Bloomberg- two loudmouth politicians who assert that having people with guns walking around in society is a danger to us all… but noticeably, have themselves surrounded by armed guards at all times.


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