ISIS BRIBES New Members with Lavish Lifestyles, Money and SEX!

by McGuire | September 25, 2014 2:57 pm

ISIS has gone to a whole new level of cray-cray. They are now attempting to bribe anyone stupid enough to believe them with extravagant lifestyles, including sex, money and toys:[1]


Bill Clinton met with King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein of Jordan in New York City on Tuesday for Clinton’s annual Global Initiative meeting. To much surprise, Abdullah discussed some shocking information about the rapid growth of the 30,000 to 50,000 ISIS members who currently make up the terrorist group.

Abdullah explained that the reason ISIS has grown so much in such a short amount of time is due to its appealing salaries, which allow young people to support their families in ways that may not be feasible if they did not join.

“As we try to create jobs [for the youth]…ISIS today is providing…$1,000 a month in Saudi, which to people in Jordan is a middle class to higher middle class income,” he added.

While this is not home to a specific terrorist, this would be the type of middle class house someone would be able to afford on ISIS’ salary.

Thanks to Elite Daily for doing some further research on the matter, it’s not only the money that attracts these young men and women to join the radical Islamic group, but also some additional perks.

The Financial Times talked to a Syrian man (who wished to remain anonymous) who interviewed with the terrorist group for a media position in which he was offered nearly every bonus one could ask for.

“They offered me $1,500 a month, plus a car, a house and all the cameras I needed, High quality global journalism requires investment. I remembered looking around the office. It was amazing the equipment they had in there. I remember thinking, these people can’t just be getting their money on their own. There has to be a state behind this.”

ISIS members are known for driving Toyotas, so it’s very likely this is the kind of car it would give its new employees.

….According to former Islamic State (IS) member Sherko Omer:

We were promised women in heaven and on earth too based on IS jihadist teaching of the verses of some Suras of the holy book of Quran and hadiths by prophet Muhammad, all of which were explained through the Tafsir (explanation) by Islamic scholars like Ibn Majah, Bukhari and Ibn Kathir. We were told all non-Muslim women prisoners will be our wives and God wills it.

In Islamic holy war you cannot kill enemy women and children under any circumstances, they can only be taken as prisoners. It is permissible to have sexual intercourse with the captive women even if jihadists are married.

Sick and wrong. This level of bribery is ludicrous. Can ISIS go any lower?

What do you think?

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