ISIS Retakes Iraqi Villages…Starts Executing Liberated Celebrating Civilians [VIDEO]

ISIS Retakes Iraqi Villages…Starts Executing Liberated Celebrating Civilians [VIDEO]

In spite of the Obama administration’s claim that Iraqi and Peshmerga security forces are making headway in retaking the city of Mosul, there seems to be some backsliding. As forces clear ISIS out of small towns surrounding Mosul, they fail to leave behind enough of a fighting force to keep ISIS from returning. And so, ISIS is returning, and in fact, executing civilians even as they celebrate their newfound freedom. This is what happens when the real JV is running things. This is basic military strategy. Everyone knows you cannot leave an empty city behind. It’s like killing all the ants in your kitchen, but leaving out a bunch of food for them so they return.

This is a tragedy. These poor people have been through so much. They deserve the courtesy of military professionalism, not the JV leaving them wide open to attack. Nature abhors a vacuum and the nature of ISIS is to take what they can if they are left a vacuum.

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So much for Obama’s great plan. See video below:

Sonja Bochow

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