Islam Orthodoxy Fuels Islamofascist Action

About a year ago, maybe two now, time flies, we got in a fender bender and the man who drove the tow-truck was from the Middle East somewhere. I took a leap and said to him, “Asalam Alakum” or roughly “peace be unto you” (a fairly universal greeting) in Arabic. He was delighted. Asked how much Arabic I knew and started freely talking. Within two minutes, he was decrying “the Jews” and spewing venom in casual tones. He would be considered a moderate Muslim.


What a person believes fuels a person’s actions. That’s true for everyone.

If a person believes that children are chattel, she will abuse them.

If a person believes that Jews are the source of all mankind’s ills, he will not have a problem killing them. (And might actually believe he’s doing the world a favor.)

If a person believes that terrorism is justified, he will give money to organizations that fund terrorism.

If a person believes that fraternizing with unbelievers taints you, you will kill the person to remain clean and honorable.

If a person believes that women are not human, he can do anything to any woman for any reason without recourse.

This list goes on and on and on. There are peaceful Muslims, many of them. They need to speak out, admit that Mohammed was off about many things, and reform their religion or denounce it outright.

It is the ideology that fuels the action. And it’s the ideology that is the problem.

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