Islamists Threaten Belgium Mayor: Convert to Islam or Be ‘Executed’

by John Brodgian | May 26, 2015 7:50 am

Another day, another ISIS death[1] threat to someone who publicly disagrees with them. In this case it’s Antwerp, Belgium Mayor Bart De Wever, who isn’t backing down…


“I always warned that we will not get rid of the threat from Islamic extremists in the near future. This was ignored for years. This wound became apparent now with [the current developments in] Syria and will fester for a long time before we will get rid of it,” de Wever said.”

…According to September 2014 statistics from Belgium’s Ministry of Interior, between 300 and 350 Belgians have gone to fight alongside the ISIL in Iraq and Syria since 2012.”

You can read a translation of the original threat here[3]. I’m sure this is all the fault of global warming though.

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  3. translation of the original threat here:

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