Israel On Their Own?

by Melissa Clouthier | May 29, 2009 10:46 am

President Obama is spending lots of his time reaching out to the Muslims[1] of the world, but has assured Israel he’s their buddy. Do you believe him?

I don’t.

And here’s evidence that President Obama is paying lip service to Israel. From the World Tribune[2]:

The Obama administration has blocked Israel’s request for advanced U.S.-origin attack helicopters.

Government sources said the administration has held up Israel’s request for the AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopter. The sources said the request was undergoing an interagency review to determine whether additional Longbow helicopters would threaten Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

“During the recent war, Israel made considerable use of the Longbow, and there were high civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip,” a source close to the administration said.

The sources said Israel has sought to purchase up to six new AH-64Ds in an effort to bolster conventional and counter-insurgency capabilities. They said Israel wants to replenish its fleet after the loss of two Apache helicopters in the 2006 war with Hizbullah.

That’s right, tie the hands of the only self-sustaining Democracy in the Middle East. With a friend like President Obama, who needs enemies?

P.S. Note to Taiwan, Japan, Poland, India and anyone else who’s been a staunch ally. You’re on your own.

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