It Begins… Illegal Aliens Demand Safer Way to Sneak Into the United States

by Greg Campbell | March 12, 2015 5:18 pm

It never ends. Whereas once illegals were obliged to conceal their criminality, now they are out, loud and proud and flaunting their criminal actions, content in the knowledge that they will not only not be punished for their violations, but rewarded. Now, according to the Gateway Pundit[1], illegals are demanding a safer way to sneak into our country illegally.


Not the Onion[3]…
Several illegal immigrants held a rally Tuesday demanding a safer way to sneak into the United States.
MyFOXDC[4] reported:

After risking their lives in the hopes of making it into the United States, migrants from Central American are demanding safer ways to cross the border.

Thousands of immigrants jump on a freight train called the “La Bestia” — which means “The Beast.” and the name holds true meaning.

Along the route many will end up either losing their limbs or being killed as a result of falling under the wheels.

Many others end up being robbed or attacked by gangs.

If that is not enough of a risk, if you make it alive, you still have a chance of getting caught and arrested.

During a protest Monday, more than a dozen people in attendance had lost a limb in their attempt to cross the border.

It’s simply unbelievable. While we’re at it, I demand an end to car alarm systems so that I may more-easily steal vehicles.

See how ridiculous that sounds?

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