It’s A Little Late To Get Huffy About Those Obama/Hitler Comparisons, David

by John Hawkins | November 19, 2008 2:33 am

Over at MojoBlog[1], David Corn is gettin’ all huffy because Michael Savage is having on a guest who is comparing Obama to Hitler,

Anomalos Publishing, a company that puts out conservative and Christian works and describes itself as “created for authors who…have a talent for writing but have not found a publisher,” has announced that one of its authors will appear on rightwinger Michael Savage’s nationally syndicated radio show to compare Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler.

…Savage is not breaking new ground by scheduling von Campe as a guest. But it’s a signal the say-anything right is not dumping the Obama-as-Hitler argument. Von Campe, according to his publisher, will contend that the recent election is somehow comparable to Hitler’s power grab. Will this stuff play even to the GOP base? (Forget about convincing independents with such rhetoric.) This sort of talk, if it becomes widespread in the months and years ahead, is more likely to separate the brimming-with-resentment conservatives from more responsible Republicans–which certainly won’t make the GOP’s repair job any easier. But politics aside, the continued use of this hysterical rhetoric raises this question: do these agitators who liken the historic 2008 election to Hitler’s putsch hate America?

Setting aside the fact that I don’t care for Michael Savage, David Corn must be one of the most oblivious, hypocritical people in the entire world of politics to write a post like this.

Corn’s comrades on the left have spent the last 8 years incessantly comparing Bush to Hitler at every opportunity. In fact, it happened so regularly that conservatives became bored of the whole topic. Oh, another post comparing Bush to Hitler on a liberal blog? Yawn. Republicans are Nazis? Zzzzzzz. Furthermore, to the best of my recollection, in all that time, I don’t remember a single liberal who paid any sort of price at all with his fellow lefties for making that comparison. Maybe it happened, but off the top of my head, I can’t think of a single time it did.

But, somebody mentions Obama and Hitler the same way liberals brought up Bush and Hitler (or the Nazis) hundreds of thousands of times over the past eight years and suddenly David Corn is horrified. Well, the world’s tiniest violin is playing for you and Obama, buddy.

It’s not a comparison I intend to make on this blog (except when I’m being tongue and cheek[2]), but after the left spent 8 years mainstreaming “BushHitler,” it’s a little late to get all touchy because your guy is starting to get hit with the very same rhetoric your side popularized.

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