Jacques Chirac Overpowered by Poodle

by Van Helsing | January 22, 2009 12:08 pm

Tragic news[1]: former Frenchman in Chief Jacques Chirac has been mauled by a fellow neurotic poodle:

Former French President Jacques Chirac was rushed to a hospital after being mauled by his pet dog who is being treated for depression, in a dramatic incident that rattled the ex-president’s wife.

The couple’s white Maltese poodle, called Sumo, has a history of frenzied fits and became increasingly prone to making “vicious, unprovoked attacks” despite receiving treatment with anti-depressants, Chirac’s wife Bernadette said.

Chirac was taken to a Paris hospital. His wife did not disclose where he was bitten.

Sumo, the poodle that got the better of Chirac.

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