Jake Tapper Loses It With John Podesta Over Coverage Of FBI And Hillary [VIDEO]

Jake Tapper Loses It With John Podesta Over Coverage Of FBI And Hillary [VIDEO]

All around the Hillary campaign, allies in the media are crumbling. It is becoming painfully obvious that corruption and illegal activities are rampant in both the Democrat party and the Hillary campaign. In this interview of John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chairman, CNN anchor Jake Tapper demonstrates that he is losing patience with Podesta’s lies, word games and attempts not to answer questions, on behalf of Hillary. For those of us who have been tired of Hillary’s lies since 1992, this is a refreshing change of pace.

It seems Hillary and her minions may not be getting the pass they once did with much of the media. Whether it is due to the media wanting to attempt to maintain some kind of credibility with Americans when or if Hillary is held accountable for all she’s done, or whether they have finally woken up and have seen the truth of this woman they have unquestioningly supported and promoted, remains to be seen. But either way, the party could finally be over for Hillary.

As of today, the FBI has obtained the warrant needed to examine the 650,000 emails on the Weiner/Abedin laptop. We will await the results. The fact that the FBI has reopened this investigation indicates that they must have very serious information on which they are acting.

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Thank you Mr. Tapper, for holding Podesta’s feet to the fire. We appreciate it. America is tired of seeing Hillary get away with criminal acts. See video of interview below:

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