If Janay Rice was fool enough to marry Ray Rice, that’s on her! I wash my hands

Why should I expend an ounce of concern for a woman that is so stupid to marry a bum like Ray Rice, Janay PalmerRay Rice?

As the debate rages about domestic violence and how the NFL botched his suspension, I can’t get over the fact that Janay married a man who knocked her lights out. It just doesn’t make sense and if she were my daughter that marriage WOULD NOT take place.

Some cynical people think she married his money instead of him. I don’t know. If that is the case then that’s very sad. But, this woman needed to take responsibility for herself and her own safety. Ray Rice clearly doesn’t care. I don’t care what comes out his mouth at a press conference.

He’s a bum!

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And she’s a certified idiot!


Originally posted at The Last Tradition


Samuel Gonzalez

Samuel Gonzalez is the editor-in-chief of The Last Tradition, a blog he started in April 2009. Samuel is one of the top Latino bloggers in the country and his blog has been linked by Gateway Pundit, Right Wing News, Instapundit, Legal Insurrection, American Thinker and other top conservative blogs. He's a strong Reagan conservative, a Rush Limbaugh disciple, an unconventional Evangelical who not only takes on Liberal orthodoxy, but also challenges other so-called soft conservatives afraid to buck political correctness.

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