Jeb Raises His Hand When Lindsey Graham Asks His Audience: ‘How Many Of You Are Democrats?’

Jeb Raises His Hand When Lindsey Graham Asks His Audience: ‘How Many Of You Are Democrats?’

Jeb Bush’s candidacy is so bad, it almost makes one feel sorry for him… Almost. Aside from having to beg for applause (literally) and having his mommy do his talking, the former governor is also gaffe-prone and recently, even raised his hand when he was asked who was a Democrat in the room.


Jeb Bush had a face-palm moment Tuesday during a town hall event in South Carolina, raising his hand when his audience was asked to indicate if they were Democrats considering a crossover vote for him.

‘How many of you are Democrats?’ asked South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham.

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Several hands shot up – including Bush’s.

He was likely trying to encourage others to participate, but the gesture generated online catcalls almost immediately.

‘JEB BUSH IS NOW A DEMOCRAT,’ one self-described grandmother and Donald Trump supporter wrote on Twitter.

‘Even more Jeb mistakes? This one’s huge!’ added an Illinois voter in another tweet.

Bush has brought Graham on the campaign trail with him in the Palmetto State, along with his brother – former President George W. Bush – who had his own history of embarrassing moments while running for office…

Jeb Bush is currently running in fifth place in South Carolina, out of the six remaining Republican presidential candidates.

Donald Trump, who has mercilessly framed him as a ‘low energy candidate’ and a ‘loser,’ leads the field in advance of Saturday’s GOP primary election.

I understand that mistakes happen, but with the “Bush” moniker hanging over Jeb, he has got to be more mindful of how he comes across and so far, he has come across as incompetent, spacey and weak.

The damage is done. Call it a day, Jeb.

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