Jeff Sessions has a better civil rights record than 99% of the liberals calling him racist

Jeff Sessions has a better civil rights record than 99% of the liberals calling him racist

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up, Sen. Jeff Sessions is going to be the next Attorney General of the United States. For those of you who HAVE been paying attention, you know that since the announcement was made, he’s been called every name in the book and especially “racist.”

What those people calling him racist don’t know is that Sessions has actually done more for civil rights than most of the people mindlessly insulting him.


Erick Erickson from The Resurgent made a handy little list of Sessions’ accomplishments as a lawmaker.

They show Jeff Sessions marching in the streets with… wait for it … no seriously, wait for it… civil rights icon John Lewis. Whaaaaa???

That’s right. The media wants you to think Jeff Sessions is some sort of Alabamian unrepentant racist, but in fact Jeff Sessions has a long history of fighting segregation in Alabama, seeking the death penalty for KKK members, and marching with civil rights leaders to commemorate and honor the 50th anniversary of the march at Selma.

Senator Sessions would have won re-election handily in Alabama had he refused. But he went. He supported it. At the time he noted the injustice that had been done.

Senator Sessions also voted for the extension of the Civil Rights Act.

He voted to confirm Eric Holder as the first black Attorney General.

Senator Sessions and Senator Dick Durbin cosponsored legislation to bring penalties for crack possession, which many African-Americans felt unfairly targeted them, more in line with the penalties for powder cocaine.

Senator Sessions spearheaded the effort to award the Congressional Gold Medal to Rosa Parks, an Alabama native and Civil Rights icon.

And, brace yourself, when Senator Jeff Sessions was young, he campaigned against George Wallace in Alabama.

In the pictures below, we can see Sessions holding hands with civil rights icon and Congressman John Lewis during the 50th anniversary of the Selma march.



You don’t support all of these things if you’re a racist. You just don’t. Liberals will try to tell you that he voted for or against one piece of legislation that they really liked, so clearly that makes him an evil person, but that is simply not the case.

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