Jimmy Carter to Help Socialist Dictator Harvest Cocaine

by Van Helsing | May 4, 2009 12:55 pm

W is gone, but his shadow Secretary of State is still at work, undermining American interests while sucking up to hostile tyrants. Now Jimmy Carter has taken his one-man traveling circus to Bolivia[1], which Castro knockoff Evo Morales has been driving ever deeper into socialist poverty, while exporting cocaine to the USA and kicking our diplomats and drug enforcement agents out of the country.

Morales invited his friend to come back and help harvest coca leaves, which are made into the cocaine that poisons our streets and schools.

Noting that Morales has been to his own property to harvest peanuts, Carter said he hoped to make such a trip on his next visit to Bolivia.

Now that our enemies are in charge of our country, socialist dictators like Morales are officially our allies. By the same token, our Democrat rulers have been putting the screws to Colombia[2], since it is a free country at war with narco-terrorists.

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