JUDGE JEANINE Demands Rioters Pay The Price – ‘PROSECUTE THEM!’ [VIDEO]

JUDGE JEANINE Demands Rioters Pay The Price – ‘PROSECUTE THEM!’ [VIDEO]

If conservatives had rioted after Obama’s elections, or if Hillary Clinton had been elected, the mainstream media would be having a field day with it, calling us sexists and racists. They mocked some of us when they said that they would take up arms if Clinton won, but they’re excusing these riots and these episodes of violence because it’s from “their guys.”

Judge Jeanine has an idea how to discipline the sore losers and it involves the legal system.


When told that college students need to postpone exams and go to safe spaces to deal with the fact that Donald Trump was elected as the next President of the United States, Judge Jeanine Pirro laughed and told them to get over it. This advice appears to be too mature for these people, who are engaging in juvenile behavior because they didn’t get their way.

Judge Pirro joined Fox and Friends to discuss the riots that began after Tuesday’s election.

Watch the video below:

She is 100% right. Whether you support Trump or not, he will be our next President. They need to buck up and hold the government accountable, and attempt to affect change in their own communities if they truly believe in the causes they say Donald Trump doesn’t uphold.

I know a lot of people who refused to vote for Trump who are not in the streets protesting or destroying things because they’re upset at the results. Instead, they are determined to hold Trump to the same standard (if not a higher one) to which we held President Obama.

These people are finally realizing the amount of anger that Conservatives and Republicans felt during the last 8 years when we had a President who was blatantly ignoring our views when he wasn’t maligning them. Unlike them, however, we didn’t take to the streets, we took to the ballot box and they are seeing the results of that. It does work and they need to realize that. They need to grow up and stop acting like petulant toddlers who were told “no.”

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