Judge Jeanine to Obama: How many beheadings of Americans are ‘manageable?’

As if this even should be a question. Obama and his ridiculous golfing trips, and his inability to manage anything, just needs to stop talking. He looks more and more ridiculous with each passing day of his administration. Judge Jeanine had the nerve to explode and call Obama out on his most outlandish statement yet:


Displaying clips of her previous statements declaring bombardment to be the only answer to the latest terror challenge, Pirro noted that other commentators and publications are falling into line.

“I was roundly criticized, disparaged and condemned as a terrorist myself,” she said. Now, “everyone is saying what I’ve been saying.”

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Everyone, that is, but President Obama, who seems to veer between U.S. goals against the savages with each statement. But Pirro especially pounced on the president’s weak-kneed pronouncement (later sort of downplayed) that the aim of U.S. policy is to make the terror threat “manageable.”

How many beheadings of Americans, Pirro asked, are “manageable.”

“So clueless,” Pirro said. “The guy was back to the golf course within minutes of announcing the beheading” of freelance journalist James Foley.

But clueless the president remains, despite being the most brilliant man to ever hold the office – according to his infatuated fans from days gone by.

Her attitude is spot on- we should be outraged. We should be calling out Obama on his lies and delusions. The administration will only treat us this way as long as we let them.



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