JUST BRUTAL: SNL Opener Nails Trump and Clinton With Epic Smackdown [VIDEO]

JUST BRUTAL: SNL Opener Nails Trump and Clinton With Epic Smackdown [VIDEO]

Saturday Night Live has opened their newest season with a parody of the recent Presidential debate and more specifically, an Alec Baldwin lead cast, with of course, Alec Baldwin portraying Donald Trump.


Baldwin, 58, ridiculed the Republican nominee’s showing in Monday night’s first presidential debate on the season premiere of the long running show.

Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton – who I must say, does an EXCELLENT job of portraying the robotic candidate – set up Baldwin’s character probably the biggest laugh of the segment and it had to do with the elusive Trump tax return.

‘He hasn’t released his tax returns, which means he’s either not that rich, not that charitable, or he’s never paid taxes in his life,’ SNL Hillary claimed.

Baldwin’s Trump shot back with, ‘wrong, wrong, and warmer.’


After responding to an economic question, Trump said: ‘I stayed calm, just like I promised. It. Is. Over. Goodnight, Hofstra.’

But when the Lester Holt character played by Michael Che chimed in that the debate still had another 88 minutes to go before it was over, Alec’s Trump loses his cool…

‘My microphone is broken. She broke it. With Obama. She and Obama stole it, they took it to Kenya, they took my microphone to Kenya and now it’s broken.’

Baldwin’s Trump then started on the constant loud sniffing that the real Trump does so often. But of course, it was done in a mocking way, as SNL is very good at picking that stuff apart.

Near the end of the opening skit, McKinnon’s Hillary also starts to unravel:


‘It’s going so well… it’s going exactly as I always dreamed, listen, America. I get it. You hate me. You hate my voice, and you hate my face. Well, here’s a tip: If you never want to see my face again, elect me president, and I swear to God I will lock myself in the Oval Office and not come out for four years.’

Both candidates were highly mocked…and deservedly. This election cycle is completely insane.

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