With Just DAYS Before the Election, Hillary Gets the Ultimate November Surprise from Glenn Beck

With Just DAYS Before the Election, Hillary Gets the Ultimate November Surprise from Glenn Beck

October was quite a month for Hillary Clinton and her minions. They were taking hit after hit after hit…and truth be told, there is still more to come. Thanks to WikiLeaks, James O’Keefe and a few others, we are learning a whole lot about just how deep the corruption goes when it comes to Hillary and her party.


All the while her ammo against Trump remains the same. He’s racist, sexist and doesn’t pay his taxes.

I’d drop a list of what she has playing against her, but we’d be here all day. I’m going to just figure you are very well informed on what you’d find on that list.

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In SHOCKING news…this just happened:

Glenn Beck made a prediction yesterday we never thought we’d hear from him: that the race is over — and Donald Trump has won. It was surprising to hear from a man who’s been perhaps the most prominent member of the “Never Trump” crowd this election, himself supporting independent conservative Evan McMullin for president. Beck now predicts a five-point victory for Trump in the popular vote next Tuesday.

Now, October is over and November has begun. It seems, that Hillary isn’t done getting gifts of anguish. November has a surprise of its’ own to give as well!

As the clock ticks and the days bring us closer to ‘Election Day’, we are seeing a change in the polls that cannot be ignored. 91% of the last minute votes on this elections have been in favor of a Trump VICTORY.

Although the polls have historically been in favor of Hillary Clinton this entire time, this could mean something huge. People aren’t voting for her a month ago when the polls were in her favor…nope. They are voting for her in 6 days, while the polls reflect against her favor.

So it is now, my friends, that times have become exciting. We need to keep this momentum going…for the fact that apparently even someone under FBI investigation for some REALLY heavy stuff, can still run for President.

So we need to be on our game, just as much as Trump, if we want to keep that beast of corruption out of the White House.


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